Grand Theft Auto V details

Rockstar believes that with the Grand Theft Auto V details, it passes for biggest open world computer games ever. It basically concentrates on the pursuit of the almighty dollar. This highly anticipated game was first released on 25th October, 2011 with its debut trailer being unveiled later on 2nd November the same year.
While releasing Grand Theft Auto V details in September 2009, producer Dan Houser discussed part of his work which included features of the series. He revealed that he co-authored the script of up to one thousand pages. The producer also disclosed that their future workflow plans included creating more games in the same series by coming up with the city first and the main character some time later on.
Rockstar announced some of the Grand Theft Auto V details via their account on twitter which included a link to their homepage. Their homepage had the display of their V shaped logo which was styled to take the form of a bank note. The message that was printed at the base of the same logo indicated that the debut was to unveiled on 2nd November 2010. The following day the production company initiated a countdown of game on their homepage.


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