Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto Series is an action cum adventure game in which the gamer has to involve in a world of gang war, corruption and crime. It also has elements like driving and third person shooters which make the game more interesting. Till date the Grand Theft Auto Series has launched four series of which the fourth series was released in the year 2008. The GTA series has been developed for Playstations, Xbox 360 gaming consoles and Microsoft windows operating systems. Such gaming platforms give an altogether exciting gaming experience to the user. It also supports multiplayer gaming mode as well as the facility to connect online with other GTA players at your own leisure. The GTA series has already broken industry records on the first day of its release which shows the amount of public interest in this action adventure game. The GTA series usually consists of giving the player a large space to move around and freedom to do things like riding different vehicles like boats, helicopters, motorcycles etc, using RPGs, hijacking of tanks which makes it a hit among gaming users.

gtav motorbikes

The latest in the GTA series which is yet to arrive is the Grand Theft Auto 5 series. Even before its release Grand Theft Auto 5 has already created a lot of excitement among gamers. It has been destined to be the largest open world game ever to be released. The Grand Theft Auto 5 series is set in the state of San Andreas and its nearby areas. The trailer for the GTA 5 was released on 2nd November, 2011 which is already a hit among gamers across the world. Grand Theft Auto 5 features improved graphics functionality than its predecessor, use of artificial intelligence, bio mechanics and realistic physics to create an environment which allows the user to choose which way they want to play. The GTA 5 is centered on the chase of the mighty dollar in present day Southern California. With Grand Theft Auto 5 still to be released, gamers across the globe are expecting some new and improved features like betters cheats, giving variation in the environment surroundings, sophisticated weapons, interesting side missions, allowing the player to customize the character, better upgrades, better group missions, more vehicles like new cars and planes, new random events etc. Only time will tell what changes GTA developers have made in the yet to released Grand Theft Auto 5 than its predecessors.


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